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I think this year has been one for the books, but I’m grateful to say I’m blessed. God has seen my family through a lot and we are COVID-free! The biggest thing that has kept us sane besides our faith is having the ability to adapt to a new normal. I transitioned to working from home 100%, created my own home gym, have been trying new recipes, and I use virtual communication platforms more than I ever have.
I’ve got a few other things to figure out, like how to travel safely in the middle of a pandemic that doesn’t have an end date, how to handle business in a timely fashion when it’s not always convenient to get out and about, and how to continue to strengthen my immune system.
For the majority of this year my focus has been how to make pivoting stress free. It’s not easy, but the reality is things won’t ever be the same. We HAVE to PIVOT. It doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy life, it doesn’t mean that we can’t function, but it does mean that we have to focus on how to make the a necessary adjustments to do it safely.

Stress often leads us to become ill, so we have to make it a priority to not become fretful when pivoting, and to keep it in mind that what we are doing is for our greatest good. I’ve had some days where this has been easy and some where it’s been hard, but I’m managing!
I have faith that if we manage our pivoting well, we can learn to enjoy our new normal as much as we enjoyed our lives pre-pandemic!
I hope you’re taking time for self care, relaxation, and making wellness a priority!

Take good care!

Jenn. K.


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