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Daddy Lessons…….

Three years ago today, my life changed forever. I lost my father, the first man I ever loved. I am blessed that my Daddy was a great husband, father, uncle, brother, son, and friend. This post isn’t for mourning, but to celebrate the lessons he taught me that have helped mold me into who I am today and honor his legacy. Y’all know I love a list, read my ten “Daddy Lessons” below!

#1. Actions will always mean more than words. We have to show those we love how we feel. My Daddy always made sure you knew how he felt about you with his actions. He showed his love with his ACTIONS. There was never a time that my Mom wasn’t celebrated or provided for. This doesn’t mean their marriage was perfect, but it does mean they didn’t lose sight of their “why”.

#2. My Daddy taught me the importance of keeping my word. Nothing is worse than broken promises, I strive to keep the promises I make, and ensure that I don’t make ones that I cannot keep.

#3. Make good use of your time. My Daddy certainly believed in priorities before pleasure.

#4. Work hard. My Daddy taught me that nothing in this life is given, but earned. He worked tirelessly to make sure that our family was provided with all needs and the majority of wants (he spoiled his girls ?). Cancer didn’t stop him from doing whatever he could to ensure we didn’t go without.

#5. Make time for relaxation. My Daddy worked so hard that he only truly got to live the last three years of his life. I’m so grateful for all that he did, but I also saw the joy he got to experience once he started living. We all deserve to live, and not be so wrapped up in work. Balance is key.

#6. Show others you believe in them. I can’t describe how my heart would leap for joy when my Daddy would share things that my sister and I were doing. He always let us know that he believed in us and that the reason he worked so hard is because he wanted us to achieve more and have better for our lives.

#7. Hold yourself accountable and hold others accountable. My Daddy wasn’t a man of many words, but he believed in accountability. If you were wrong, he’d tell you, because he wanted better from you. He expected the same from family and friends, but sometimes didn’t receive it well ?.

#8. Respect others! My Daddy taught me that respect is a minimum, and that I was always expected to give respect, but also not to allow anyone to disrespect me.

#9. Never neglect God. In my Daddy’s last few weeks of his life, he made efforts to go to worship service, despite how he was feeling. Some days he’d make it, sometimes not, and sometimes he’d get sick and have to leave. I know that God honored his EFFORT for not neglecting time with Him.

#10 Don’t take shortcuts. All roads in my Daddy’s life weren’t pleasant, but he never made himself out to be a victim. He faced each challenge head on as a man. The path is for our growth, shortcuts keep us from our lessons.

Although the tears still fall, and my heart still hurts, I am immensely grateful for the memories I have to cherish of my Daddy. Cancer didn’t win, Heaven did.

Thank you for reading!

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