15 Things Instagram Won’t Tell You About Me

  1. I absolutely love to dance! I grew up in the dance studio and love to get on a dance floor any chance I can get! 
  2. My favorite movie is Coming to America.
  3. I’ve been a licensed massage therapist since 2011.
  4. I love being near water, but I cannot swim.
  5. My favorite candy is salt water taffy. 
  6. I’m a missionary and I’ve been blessed to serve in New Orleans, Haiti, Kenya, and Uganda. 
  7. I’m a morning person. 
  8. I love spicy food.
  9. My decision to start my blog came as a result of ending a very toxic relationship. 
  10. I love flowers, but roses, hydrangea, and orchids are my favorite. 
  11. I LOVE the New Orleans Saints and all things New Orleans. 
  12. I love watching African movies on YouTube. 
  13. I love to network and push others to pursue their purpose.
  14. I enjoy all things wine and charcuterie.
  15. My family and friends mean the world to me. God blessed me with an incredible circle, I’m so thankful! 

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