2018 = Whew Chile!

2018 was a wild one! I’ve experienced every emotion possible this year, and I’m grateful for them all. This year I gave myself permission in all areas. Permission to feel every emotion and to acknowledge their validity. I didn’t run from my issues, I faced them head on. This took separating from people, being transparent about who I am and not apologizing, and not being afraid to express how I truly feel. I would be remiss if I didn’t take the time to acknowledge that I went to therapy to really unpack some junk this year. My therapist gently guided me into doing the work for ME, and she held me accountable. The peace that I found in simply allowing myself to DO the work was indescribable because I made doing what was best for me a priority.

My faith was certainly tested this year. Challenges came from every direction. There were times that I felt like I wanted to stop giving effort in several areas, but each time God reminded me, “This isn’t just about YOU.” What we face is never just for us. With each challenge that I met, there was someone to encourage me, a resource made available to meet my particular need, my family that loves me unconditionally, great friends to pray for me, and someone that I could share my experience with. God truly is a waymaker, miracle worker, promise keeper, and a light in the darkness. Without Him, I am NOTHING. This year I learned what it means to be selfless. I learned the importance of being okay with God removing certain people and things from my life. I embraced who I am becoming as a woman and I am learning to speak up. I learned the true value of humility and grace.

2018 may have brought it’s challenges, but I am walking away with an immeasurable amount of gratitude. I’ve experienced so much growth this year. I’m thankful for my family, my friends, and those who walked away. I am so grateful that God spared my Grandma’s life! Grateful that my Mama has retired (although she went back to work part time). I’m grateful for all of the lessons. The opportunities.The strength to overcome. The changes that induced growth. The chances to serve others. The audacity to be unapologetic about my boundaries. Grace that was shown towards me. The ability to create. There’s so much more but I’ll stop here and leave you with a few thoughts to take into 2019.

The life you lead is the result of choices you have made. Choose to be happy. Choose to go after what you want, and get it. Choose to be who God wants you to be and get what He has for you. Choose to sow good seeds in good soil (watch that, sometimes we can sow good seeds, but the soil ain’t right!).

Lastly, choose YOU. ✨

Love, Light, and Blessings,

Jenn. K.

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