Surviving Holidays as a Vegetarian!

Happy 4th! I’m sure everyone is preparing their cookout food or going back for round two, but I wanted to share some tips on how to survive the family gatherings as a vegetarian! 

1. Bring your own food! Some may see this as tacky, but I honestly think it takes stress off of the host if they don’t have to put extra thought into what to prepare for me if I just make my own. It’s also nice to bring a dessert or something else that everyone can share to show gratefulness to the host for their hospitality. 

2. Don’t hesitate to educate. Differences make people ask questions and in most cases they don’t mean any harm. I have been asked more times than I can count “What do you eat if you don’t eat meat?” or “Do you just eat salad?”, and I love these questions! I love the opportunity to share what I eat. 

3. Don’t criticize what others are eating. No one asked for your opinion in most cases and it’s rude. Let people eat their food and enjoy their holiday in peace! Treat others how you’d like to be treated. 

4. Share! If you’ve got enough of your vegetarian food to share, do so. (I made baked sweet potato fries today, and I hope that my family will partake along with me). 

5. Keep mindfulness in mind (Thanks Amber). Think about WHY you’re eating what you’re eating and what your food choices ultimately will do for you. Make good choices even on holidays! 
The Curvy Vegetarian wishes you a HAPPY and HEALTHY Independence Day! 

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