17 Things NOT to Do in 2017……….


17 Things NOT To Do in 2017
1. Don’t DWELL on 2016. Take the lessons, learn, grow, but don’t stay stuck in the past.
2. Basically don’t be basic. Upgrade your standards for 2017.
3. Don’t ignore your issues, this prolongs your progress in life. Address your issues and change for the better.
4. Don’t try to operate outside of your gifts/talents. It won’t work. PROMISE.
5. Don’t apologize for your DOPENESS!  He made you in His image! Walk in your season! Genesis 1:27
6. Don’t fail to show gratitude in ALL things. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
7. Don’t let social media separate you from reality. Likes do not mean people genuinely care about you or what you post. Social media is social media! Genuine people are rare!
8. Don’t give attention to negativity! Focus on the positive to make the best out of each day!
9. Don’t underestimate anyone or their capabilities. Please.
10. Don’t judge. You never know when you may have your fall from grace or when disappointment will fall at your feet. Matthew 7:1-5
11. Don’t be slave to your ego. Foolish pride only leads to disappointment. Being full of yourself leaves no room for God or anyone else. Proverbs 16:18
12. Don’t neglect your spirituality. Your life is a reflection of your prayer life and your relationship with God! Don’t live life LOST.
13. Don’t be a spendthrift. Frugality is LIT.
14. Don’t keep company with people that aren’t doing anything with their lives. Watch the birds you flock with. Dwell in wise counsel with people that care about you and your success. Proverbs 8:12
15. Don’t ignore warning signs. They exist for a reason. Save yourself some trouble, time, and money!
16. Don’t lose yourself. Realize that while life presents it’s peaks and valleys, the core of who you are shouldn’t be lost within circumstances.
17. Don’t neglect your HEALTH! Neglecting your mental, emotional, and physical health will eventually impact all areas of life in a negative way. Take an active interest in improving your overall health for 2017 and beyond!


  1. Cedric Washington

    Love it!

  2. CYR

    All true and valid for 2017! #14 really resonated with me.

  3. Bishop W

    AMAZING!!!!! Thank you so much for this masterpiece

  4. AG

    Dope! I liked how you incorporated the Bible verses as well.

    1. Jenn K.

      Thanks AG!!

  5. Vladimir

    Very inspirational! Definitely something to live by daily! #12 is a great lesson learned for many people, the more you talk about God and present to others what he’s done for you, the more it could possibly help to bring someone closer to HIM. Congrats and Great Blog!

    1. Jenn K.

      Thank you Vladimir!

  6. MRG

    I love the post! #5 and 7 definitely spoke to me. Keep it coming in 2017.

  7. JK

    All of these are great bits of advice. 3 speaks to my soul though

    1. Jenn K.

      Thank you for reading Jerk!

  8. Dawun, YBP

    Number 9 resonates with me. “Don’t underestimate anyone or their capabilities. Please.” We should remember that ‘anyone’ includes ourselves!

    1. Jenn K.

      You’re absolutely right Dawun!

  9. Latrice

    I love this list! Yes frugality is Lit! lol

    1. Jenn K.

      Thank you! Your support means the world to me!!!

  10. Tearra_r

    Love this list! You made so many great points. I love the fact that you added scriptures along with some of the points too.

    1. Jenn K.

      Thank you so much for reading love! The scriptures have helped me on my journey for sure!

  11. Tonesha

    #4 is what I really need to focus on this year. Thanks for the reminder!

    1. Jenn K.

      Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for reading my post! I am glad that #4 resonates with you!!!!

  12. Jah Smalls

    Absolutely!!!! This is what I needed to receive this am
    Thank you for your DOPENESS

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