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18 days down!

Can you believe we are already 18 days into 2018?! It seems to be moving fast, but things have started well. I didn’t make any resolutions this year at all and have decided instead to become more intentional with my time and efforts. I’ve got some big goals this year and using intentionality coupled with God/faith, prayer, and hard work, they will be accomplished.

Intentionality is a challenge. It’s the effort between what you say you want and what you do on purpose to get it. I’m challenging myself to work hard at ensuring my words align with the efforts I am investing towards what I want. This also means my effort in prayer must increase and that my time in prayer has to be intentional. My prayer journal has been getting a lot of pen traffic and I’ve been bending the Lord’s ear and staying in His face. My desire is that I will be guided along the paths that are in alignment with His will and that His light would shine through me along the way in my actions and interactions.

Over time, I’ve noticed that the things I desire are consistent, but some of the qualities have changed, because I realized that I was shortchanging myself in some areas. We have to believe and be intentional with our words that God IS ABLE to do exceedingly, abundantly, above ALL we could ask or think! Don’t shortchange yourself in any area! Train your mind to see bigger, pray, and then ACT!

Many of our thoughts shape our actions, and our actions shape our health and success. I’ve definitely been reminded that this is an area in which I have to improve. I LOVE food, but I need to ensure that I am making better choices. I over analyze situations often and that leads to additional stress. I’ve resolved to affirm positive thoughts, follow them with my actions, and cut back on my cheesecake intake! Lord, help me!

We’ve gotten through 18 days this year! Let’s be intentional about creating the moments, memories, and days we want to have. Remember, you deserve God’s best and don’t shortchange yourself!

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Jennifer Spears

Meet Jenn K., professional, entrepreneur, self- care advocate, Founder and CEO of The African Violet, LLC and self-proclaimed Servant Leader. A native of Spartanburg, SC, Jennifer is a proud alum of the University of South Carolina-Upstate, earning her Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education, further developing her affinity to health, wellness, and self-care.

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